How to Kill a Vampire

How To Kill A Vampire

As we know, powerful holy-based weapons will take care of the vampire for you, so there’s no need to do the following.

This post will be about if you’re not in possession of a powerful holy relic.

The best way is to find where it sleeps and stake it. You can use a silver weapon, or wood. Here are the many types that work:






White Oak

The family Records say that White Oak works best.

After that, stuff the mouth, eyes, ears and nose with fresh garlic so as to stop the spirt escaping.

Family Records show that with more powerful vampires, this does not always work. In those cases:

Cut off the head and cut out the heart. Then make three separate fires and burn the head, heart, and rest of the body, all at the same time in each of the separate fires. Say this prayer as it’s all burning:

“We Ask for God to send the evil back to the darkness, and leave this poor soul to rest once more, amen.”

After that, take the ashes, and scatter them at a crossroads, or over a body of moving water.

If you can find a place that has both, then that’s perfect, but if not, it’s okay to scatter them at one or the other.

My ancestors once knew a place that had both. But then they built a McDonalds over it and that was the end of that.

Here is another way that does not work as well and has more chance of the vampire coming back, especially if they have any slaves. But if you’re in a real pinch, then you can do this.

After you stake it, THEN cut the head off and bury it away from the body. BUT again, I must state that this method is not the safest. Like I said, it must only be used in a real pinch, as Family Records state that MANY vampires have come back to life, or been saved by their slave to later come back to life. And when a would-be hunter comes to burn the body they find it gone and, in some cases, often meet their doom.

Okay, so that is the best way to do it, if you have no holy weapons, according to Family Records. Hope that helps some of you.

Till next time. God Bless.

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